Friday, 1 June 2012

Go for Gold! - Befriending Scheme's new campaign

The 2012 Olympics are almost here and Shetland Befriending Scheme has chosen the eternal flame to promote their recruitment campaign. When I received the briefing to start the design process, there was a tiny note saying "fire writing?" as to suggesting that this could be a possibility. Never did I think I would be able to follow that road (crazy! I know, fire fonts, I'll never get that right) and looking back to the design process, all early sketches have the motto in some sort of bold-classic font away from the torch. To help me thumbnail and explore colours I used for the first time Paper by FiftyThree App. The app is a very basic notebook with simple tools for drawing and taking notes, this helped me focus on working ideas instead of wasting time drawing a detailed final image.
A few images from the process and the final image below.

First doodles

Exploring colours - Orange/Black/White

Flame writing? Too complicated

Developing the idea

Free hand try, the breakthrough

Finding my feet

Exploring poster layout

Process comparison

Poster final version

The final image - Nice fire typography!

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