Friday, 25 May 2012

Album covers reimagined; Spinetta mini-tribute

A self initiated project continuing from the Handmade Design Class 2011 with Jono Sandilands. Started with some potato prints and eventually turned into reworking some album covers. At the time I chose some of Luis Alberto Spinetta's albums and halfway thru the process news broke that he had contracted cancer and early this year he passed away. The two album covers I reimagined are Artaud -1973- and Alma de diamante (Diamond soul) -1980- You can check them out in Spotify by clicking here Artaud and Alma de diamante and in fact if you have Spotify I recomend you give Spinetta's extensive discography a try
Playing with food - Potato diamond stamps
Test potato print

Playing with sissors - Alma de diamante, process

Alma de diamante, Spinetta Jade - 1980

Artaud, Pescado Rabioso - 1973

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