Sunday, 11 April 2010

De seis maneras diferentes - A novel

Since May 2008 I have been illustrating the chapters of a novel by argentine writer DJ Malhumor (DJ Grumpy). These chapters are being published in the website Encerrados Afuera and one of the things that most interested me about the project -beside the relaxed deadlines ;-) - is the writer's use of music and popular culture.
The novel entitled De seis maneras diferentes (In six different ways) tells the story of two siblings loosing their parents sometime in the 80's in Argentina. In the first chapter the main character talks about The Cure's first concert in Buenos Aires, his passion for Iggy Pop and Robby Rensenbrinck, as well as his family and growing up.
I always have music in the background when I draw and at the time of putting together this illustration I went back to my Cure favourite albums Pornography and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. It helped a lot when it came to drawing the Lego Robert Smith.
At the time of putting together the illustration there was no real prospect of continuity and therefore I kind of went for it, basically including all the things I mentioned in the picture. In retrospective it does work for is the opening of a story. When I post the illustrations for the following chapters it can be seen that from chapter 2 onwards I concentrated in only one element or situation of the story for every chapter.
I'm at this very moment working on the illus for chapter 8 and looking back at all the pictures I though it could make for a good post to go back to the beginning and look at the series with a new perspective.

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