Saturday, 19 February 2011

Travelling exhibition

Since October 2010 a couple of drawings I made are touring Shetland.  It all started with a very kind invitation by local artist Paul Bloomer to share an exhibition sponsored by Shetland Arts, purely developed using the iPod Touch and the application Brushes. Paul tends to create outdoors, braving the local weather every all year round. I used a short trip to Orkney to produce most of the pieces for this exhibition as I find travelling a great moment for sketching in general. To reflect the medium in which the drawings were created we decided to print them in the size of an iPod touch screen.

First stop for the touring exhibition was the Departures lounge at Sumburgh Airport, this meant that only people flying away from Shetland was able to see the prints.
Since February Brushes is at the Peerie Shop Cafe in Lerwicktown, and I promise to post whenever they move to a new location. Meantime I leave you with a few animations of some of the pieces and how hey came about, click the images on the left to view on full definition.

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