Tuesday, 20 September 2016

I'm with the band - Los Ladillas, fuegian krautrock.

Since March I've been working with the band Los ladillas - 'crab lice' in spanish but also slang for slacker - a krautrock band from my hometown Ushuaia, in deep Patagonia.
The musicians were kind enough to let me visually explore their music and allowed me to listen to their material from  early jams to live recordings while I developed their logo and promotional artwork for their concerts.
The process took place purely online, with records and images travelling between Argentina and Scotland via the cloud. We paced the work around our our lives and that somehow gave us the illusion of being in a more analogic time when with tapes or drawings will have to travel across continents inside envelopes. That absence of the immediacy that the internet brings to everything in our lives nowadays it's reflected in the final results with both music and artwork.
The final result is the two ep's the band have now released online - bold move me thinks - and today I'm sharing the covers I've designed for them.
I should probably mention that I love this guys and I'm almost certain after listening to their music you may love them too.
Aguante ladillas!

Chacarero botón; Los ladillas - 2016

Los putos de la montaña; Los ladillas - 2016

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