Saturday, 21 January 2012

If you go along Bonhoga today

Today is the first day of a fantastic new exhibition at Bonhoga Gallery, the 60's photographs of local legend Dennis Coutts. I was along last night for the opening and couldn't help buying one of the hand printed masterpieces, a sign of age me thinks. I also need to blog that downstairs at the cafe you'll be able to enjoy and satisfy your retails needs with the last stop of the travelling exhib "Brushes - Bloomer & Beto". You can read about it in previous entries of this blog. The art was all created on an iPod touch just like some of David Hockney's pieces on his latest show A bigger picture.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this. Which on did you buy?

  2. The market one. It does have a pony but folk's faces are amazing. Can't retrieve it till March tho :-( worthwhile wait anyway