Saturday, 15 May 2010

Vunk Fest Pop-up Shop last day! thanks everyone

The Pop-up shop's last day has come and gone and a huge thanks goes to everyone that turned up over the past two weeks.
As a little extra today we launched a new set of miniature prints - read here -
The Co:lab team brief was red & blue. Each member of the team produced an A6 piece to be printed together with the others work in an A4 sheet and the fourth space was a Co:Lab promotional card containing the 3 typographies produced for the previous brief - read here -
On the right you can see a test image for my mini-print and on the left is me signing each copy - only a hundred of them
Silke was about in the morming and took some photos that you can see HERE
Thanks to Karen and the Vunk people for the opportunity and thanks to all of you who walked home with a Co:lab print! These 2 weeks had been a great incentive to continue working on something we really enjoy doing. Cheers!

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